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JORD Enterprises, LLC - Mailboy: Mail Delivery Indicator
JORD Enterprises, LLC - Shoelace KnotKeeper
JORD Enterprises, LLC - HairCatch
JORD Enterprises, LLC - Hip Buddy
Mail Delivery Indicator
Shoelace KnotKeeper
Hip Buddy
Plus Shipping & Handling
Plus Shipping & Handling
Plus Shipping & Handling
Plus Shipping & Handling
Let's you flag your mail person
and indicate mail delivery.
Helps prevent shoelaces from becoming untied unintentionally.
Helps prevent hair-itch
during and after a haircut.
May help those suffering
with a hip fracture.

JORD Enterprises, LLC - Dog Doo-Away
JORD Enterprises, LLC - Discount Mini-Card Organizer


The Courage to Survive and Beyond written by Owen Diaz tells the story of his life, that of a former shoeshine boy from the Philippines who became an orphan at the age of five and later as a Filipino-American leader and Mayor in one of the cities of the United States.


Dog Doo-Away
Discount Card Organizer
$7.95 / Small - $9.95 / Large
Plus Shipping & Handling
Plus Shipping & Handling
Carry dog waste in a more
tidy and fashionable manner.
Organizer accommodates
up to 6 mini discount cards.
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