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Dog Doo-Away

$7.95 / Small - $9.95 / Large
Plus Shipping & Handling

Dog Doo-Away
JORD Enterprises, LLC - Dog Doo-Away
Dog Doo-Away - In the United States it is required by cities and municipalities for dog owners to pick up their dog's waste in public places. People normally carry their dog's droppings in plastic bags which is very unsightly. This product has the appearance of tiny duffle bags allowing you to carry your dog's waste in a more tidy and fashionable manner.

Product includes a roll of biodegradable bags, a small pocket for dog treats, and the stain-free main pocket for dog waste. The Dog Doo-Away easily attaches to a regular or retractable dog leash, or on owner's belt..

Product sizes are 1.25" diameter by 3.5" long for small dogs, price is $7.95 each. Size 1.75" diameter by 4.25" long for larger dogs , price is 9.95 each. The product opens to 3.5" x 4.5" and 4.25" x 6".

Varying colors and sizes available. (Note - Alter PayPal button to accomodate)
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