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Hip Buddy
$99.95 a pair
Plus Shipping & Handling
Hip Buddy
JORD Enterprises, LLC - Hip Buddy

Hip Buddy - this Hip-Buddy accessory may help reduce the risk of suffering a hip fracture during a fall, a circumstance that is prevalent on the elderly. The Hip-Buddy easily clips on the person's belt or pants, even on loose pajama pants. Use it indoors or outdoors when walking the dog, or when walking on an icy day and afraid of possibly slipping. Hip-Buddy increases your confidence walking indoors or outdoors, rain or shine.

Hip-Buddy has dual density pads that are fused or joined together where the high density part absorbs the impact of a fall and distributes it to the tissues surrounding the trochanter. At the same time, the low density or softer material cushions the trochanter from any remaining force of the impact.

Hip-Buddy comes in Small, and Large sizes, and in several colors. Call for our new sellections. (734-439-0323).

NOTE: Hip-Buddy accessory is not guaranteed to prevent hip fracture. There are several factors that affect the susseptibility of someone suffering a hip fracture.


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